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We’ve been breeding for over 25 years and have enjoyed every moment of it. A little about the human part of our family.

My name is Angela and I grew up in Arizona, where I also met my husband and raised a family. In April 2017, tired of the extreme heat, we moved to Boise, ID. My husband is now retired United States Air Force. We have two adult daughters, who have lived with naked cats since they were in diapers.

Our very first Sphynx was Poozcat. Absolutely in love with the intelligence, affection, playfulness and personality of the Sphynx, we wanted to get Pooz a friend. One year later, we adopted Rogaine. A year later, Cueball joined the family. All three boys were unique in personality...each loving and remarkable.

I would often visit local breeders, thinking I would add another baby when I found the perfect one for our family. I ran across a local breeder that deemed she had a litter that was dying from "kitten fade". The kittens had no sign of the real condition known as "Fading Kitten" but instead were suffering from what I call "Lazy Breeder". It turns out that the over-bred mother of the litter had refused to nurse the babies, and the breeder didn't want to put time into hand raising them. Rather than hand-feed the kittens, the breeder let the kittens nurse off other lactating mothers, slowly dying as they were turned away. I asked the breeder if I could take them home and try to save them. Denied, the unethical breeder SOLD me each kitten in this dying litter...thus began the most nurturing experience I’ve had with kittens.

These four undernourished kittens were barely skeletal. With the assistance of my veterinarian, I was able to feed them every two hours for two months. I ended up with four beautiful cats whom I adopted out to friends and family. When I saw how much joy these babies brought to their new families, I realized that perpetuating the incredible Sphynx breed was what I wanted to do.

Once you've owned a hairless cat, you won't ever want a hairy cat again. Their unique personality sets them above all other breeds. They are like a dog, wanting to be with their human, sharing affection and playing, yet they poop in a box and don’t bark. Finding a good, reputable, responsible breeder can be difficult. Profit-driven catteries, AKA kitten mills, are more prevalent the anyone would want to think. Inbreeding, overbreeding, disease, malnutrition, neglect, caging, and lack of hand-raising are just some of the horrors that can be found in an undesirable cattery.

We raise each baby with love, affection, proper medical care and respect. Our babies don't go more than a few hours (when they're usually sleeping) without hugs, kisses, playing and nurturing to make sure their tummies are full and they're completely happy. All babies are nursed by their mothers. In the event that their appetites aren't satisfied through nursing alone, they are supplemented with KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement). Nursing is ALWAYS preferred over any milk replacement. However, sometimes mama's milk can't keep up with these hungry little babies.

All our kittens receive their complete sets of newborn shots that include panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis, and calicivirus. Kittens are also given two doses of dewormer. This is something that is recommended of all newborn kittens, and is no way a treatment for worms. They also have been bathed at least four times to keep them clean and help them adjust to this grooming process. Once home, you’ll want to limit baths to no more than once a month, doing touchups as needed around their face and neck area.

When choosing a kitten to adopt, we recommend not only picking a kitten that is pleasing to the eye, but also matching a personality that is compatible with yours. Since our kittens are raised by hand, we know their personalities intricately. When you're adopting, let us know if you're looking for a "fireball”, or a more laid-back kitten. We can tell you who the more adventurous kitties are, who likes to sit and cuddle more than play, and who seems to get into everything. We can also nurture a kitten to have traits you desire. For example, if you want your kitten to be a cuddle bug, we’ll raise them that way by carrying them around against our chests. If you want a more playful kitten, we’ll spend hours upon hours playing fetch and hide-and-go-seek with them. We want your kitten to blend in with your lifestyle.

Our kittens are sold with The International Cat Association (TICA) registration as soon as they are spayed/neutered. To experienced individuals, I will consider selling my kittens with breeding rights. Breeding rights are available for an additional fee and are considered on a case by case basis. Elf, Bambino and Dwelf are considered Sphynx Special Trait.

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We deliver our kittens by hand anywhere in the United States. We stopped “shipping” our kittens after an incident with United-Continental's Pet-Safe Program. As you’ll see below, one of our crates that was carrying a kitten was crushed in transit. This was the last time we ever shipped a cat, choosing to deliver them instead. Clients are welcome to come pick them up, or we can meet half way.

We plan well in advance to try to personally deliver the kittens to you utilizing airfare sales. Shipping utilizing the flight can be as little as $195 and up. We will discuss the most affordable options to save you as much as humanly possible.  We'll use airlines miles when we can. You can drastically reduce your shipping fees by using your miles to cover your kittens flight home. Decide early if flying is the option you’re considering. Our home is always open for you to visit or pick up your baby. We will also considering meeting partway, depending on the distance.

Always remember that you get what you pay for. Dozens of families have come to us after adopting a kitten from a budget source, meaning a Backyard Breeder or Kitten Mill, just to find themselves saddled with enormous vet bills, or worse, the kitten died within the first year home. A reputable breeder will spend tremendous amounts of time, money, and care with each of their kittens. They are not kept in cages, and the mothers are carefully selected and only bred a few times. You may have to wait many months for the right kitten to arrive. Beware of a bargain. A kitten mill or backyard breeder charges much less for their kittens because they are raised with minimal care, expense and many times spend all their time caged up. These breeders profit from quantity of litters, not quality. These are the breeders that perpetuate HCM and other undesirable genetic problems. Also, BEWARE OF SCAMS, as animals are one of the biggest target groups. In 2020, the frequency of scams started to become epic. I hear of buyers that have been scammed almost every day, having suffered significant financial loss. Never send a deposit without having some type of buyer protection like that offered by PayPal. If someone asks for the full payment of the cat immediately or promises to deliver a kitten right away, it’s probably a scam. The network of ethical breeders I associate with usually have a bit of a delay before a kitten will be available to go home. If the website features kittens of many differing ages, it’s most likely a kitten mill.

Before you adopt from anyone, you should try to see the environment in which the kitten was raised.  Make sure that it’s clean and that all the cats are healthy and friendly with no signs of swollen eyes, diarrhea, emaciation or anti-social behavior. It’s a good sign if you feel comfortable and welcome by the breeder AND the cats. If you can’t physically check out the breeder, request and call references.

All cats are susceptible to various viral infections. It’s important that the breeder’s cats are all negative for Feline Leukemia (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). Another virus is Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). This is a rare disease without a fail-proof current test available. A reputable breeder will educate you, and make sure that you are made aware of any health issues that might affect your kitten. An educated buyer will be a happier and more confident pet owner.

Ask as many questions as it takes for you to feel confident that your kitten has been bred by the most educated owners with integrity for the Sphynx, Elf, Dwelf or Bambino bloodlines.  If you don’t have a comfortable, open relationship with the breeder at the time you adopt, it won’t get any better. A breeder and new owner should have a comfort level that leaves open the possibility for “anytime” communication.  If you can’t call up and discuss or inquire about behaviors or situations that arise with your new kitten, then not only you will suffer…but your kitten will too.

Considerations before you adopt from ANY breeder:

  • Buy from a breeder who offers care and feeding advice and open communication. A breeder should always be available to answer any concerns.
  • Buy from a breeder who can offer references from other breeders, their veterinarian and previous kitten buyers.
  • Buy from a breeder who is more concerned about the happiness of the kitten in its new home than making a sale.
  • Buy from someone with high standards and who cares to place kittens in the best possible home and asks a lot of questions.
  • Buy from a breeder who has a contract regarding the care of the kitten and a health guarantee to replace the kitten if it dies within the first year of a congenital or genetic disorder.
  • Buy from a breeder who helps develop the temperament of their kittens to reflect your wishes. Based on how the kitten is interacted with, certain traits can be developed.
  • Buy from a breeder whom vaccinates the kitten with at minimum its first two sets of shots.
  • Watch for a breeder that has many kittens of varying ages available. This usually means they are a kitten mill.
  • Pay attention to red flags, like super cheap adoption fees, or any sales that request Money Grams or Post Office money orders. We use PayPal and Venmo, which gives you, the buyer, financial protection against scams.

Communication is key. Adopting a Sphynx, Elf, Dwelf or Bambino is a life changing event comparable with bringing home a newborn child, without all the crying, sore nipples, and diapers to change. As you embark on this exciting time, we want to help you find a kitten so you can experience this amazing breed. No question is a bad feel free to ask, discuss or explore. Happy adopting!
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Consider researching the breeder’s FaceBook page so you can see buyers and photos of their kittens and buyers that go back many years. If you’d like to see my FaceBook, which has dozens of previous adoptive families, my page is

208-789-3183 10:00AM to 7:00PM

All kittens come with a written health guarantee, spayed or neutered, and infant vaccinations. See contract for more details. Adopt a family member, not just a pet.
TICA and CFA registered cats.